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William Gheen’s videos on Youtube once had vast amounts of views (more than 1.6 million) until someone at Google/Youtube allowed a hacktivist to delete everything in the account.  When ALIPAC asked for help from Google, they never replied.  These videos below represent the reconstituted video channel.

Please help William Gheen and ALIPAC by watching and sharing these important videos regarding the deadly and costly illegal alien invasion of America!

Illegal Aliens Laugh about Americans killed by illegal immigrants (William Gheen fights to stop licenses & in-state tuition for illegals at the NC Legislature)

Revolution Now America Speech by William Gheen of ALIPAC Houston, TX 2010 (William Gheen receives 5 standing ovations from crowd of 15,000 in the Sam Houston Raceway)

Make Illegal immigrants Build Border Walls & Fences (William Gheen takes Trump’s border wall a step further and calls for illegal immigrants to be put to work repaying US taxpayers)

Angry American Speech by William Gheen in South Carolina 2010
William Gheen of ALIPAC takes on Bill Clinton, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama and others illegal alien Amnesty supporters during this infamous speech made in April 2010 in Greenville, SC

Red Dawn USA: Socialist Final Solution 4 Conservatives with illegal immigration & amnesty (ALIPAC leader William Gheen divulges how illegal immigration and amnesty are being used to overthrow and forcibly transform America….  pointing out that illegal aliens are killing thousands of Americans each year and assaulting and raping many others all because of the Bush and Obama immigration policies allowing illegal aliens to freely roam America and receive benefits.)

Illegal Immigration =’s Dead Americans, Stolen Elections, Overthrow of American Republic (William Gheen joins the Midpoint Show on Newsmax to decry Obama’s release of violent felon illegal aliens upon the American public without deportation)

Google Refusing To Restore Hijacked Illegal Immigration Fighting Account ALIPAC1 (Learn more about how Silicon Valley corporations are censoring and suppressing important information about the hazards of illegal immigration)

Our American Government Has Been Hijacked Like A Cockpit on 911 (One of William Gheen’s early speeches to a crowd of hundreds in Lafayette Park in Washington DC in front of the White House)

Illegal Immigrant Invasion of America Addressed by William Gheen of ALIPAC on 9/5/2009 (Learn some of the secrets about how the elites are betraying US citizens and why there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats on immigration issues)

Facebook blocks national leader 24 hours before wave of protests against Obama & Illegal immigration (Learn how social media giants are manipulating public opinion and participation through dirty deeds done to American patriot activists)

The important thing about William Gheen’s videos is that they represent a different way of sharing important information about these top issues. Once you see the videos and know more about William Gheen’s background information along with the statements and quotes he is giving the national media, you can make more informed decisions in elections and for your personal well being.

William Gheen

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