Here is a partial list of articles, reports, and interviews that include William Gheen’s comments and perspectives.  William Gheen has been quoted as a source in the New York Times, Washington Times, LA Times, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, USA Today, and about every major new media outlet in America.

William Gheen is considered to be an expert on the topics of illegal immigration, illegal immigrants, border security, trade agreements, politics, campaigns, and elections.  Please check out the latest articles featuring William Gheen below.

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, said the government should reevaluate these churches’ tax exemptions. The PAC opposes illegal immigration, amnesty, the guest worker program and a path toward citizenship for unauthorized immigrants.


The President of ALIPAC, William Gheen said in a statement, “It is vital to the effort to save America from this socialist backed illegal immigration overthrow of our elections and republic that we elect a very strong voice that supports our existing immigration laws instead of amnesty. Mo Brooks clearly has the strongest record against illegal immigration.” President Gheen said, “We have supported Senator Sessions because he was often a lone voice of reason in the US Senate standing against the Gang of Eight Amnesty legislation that betrayed American workers and taxpayers.” — William Gheen Alabama Political Report 8/9/17

“Our activists are encouraging their state officials to join with Texas, and we hope Texas will sue to stop the Trump/Obama DACA Dream Amnesty as soon as possible,” said William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. He argued that DACA encourages more people to enter the United States unlawfully. — Tampa Bay Times July 28, 2017

Immigration group that rescinded Donald Trump endorsement, endorses Mo Brooks

William Gheen in Lifezette magazine Aug 1, 2017 Gheen long has advocated former Maricopa (Ariz.) County Joe Arpaio to head up DHS

“We’re encouraging Americans in every state to contact their governors and state attorney generals,” says William Gheen to One News Now, “to ask that their state join to press a lawsuit immediately to stop DACA Amnesty.” 7/19/17

“We think any church that tries to aid and abet illegal immigrants in violation of federal law should have its tax status revoked and should face charges under federal law,” Gheen said. “They don’t believe the American laws will be enforced, and 99 percent of the time they’re right,” he said. — Durham Herald Sun 7/11/2017

“DACA makes a mockery of our elections and our laws,” William Gheen said. “There is no doubt DACA is unconstitutional according to the most basic understanding of the U.S. Constitution.” LifeZette Magazine 6/30/17

Trump’s Immigration Allies Are Growing Frustrated With Him The president was supposed to be their champion, but he’s failed to act on some of his key campaign promises. William Gheen in The Atlantic newspaper 6/22/17

Kelly’s words upset members of Trump’s support base, including Americans for Legal Immigration PAC leader William Gheen, one of the president’s first backers during his campaign. “Fire this illegal alien amnesty backer,” Gheen said of the secretary to the Times.  Newsmax 6/12/17

William Gheen in NewsWeek: Trump Loses Anti-Illegal Immigration Group Endorsement 5/3/17

Interview: ALIPAC’s William Gheen says President Trump needs to honor all of his campaign promises on immigration

William Gheen opinion piece in The Hill March 29 2017  President Trump should end DACA Amnesty immediately

William Gheen in LifeZette 3/15/2017 Defying Trump: Dozens of Jurisdictions Adopt ‘Sanctuary’ Policies

Wiliam Gheen fighting against Alan Colmes, Barack Obama, and illegal aliens on the Alan Colmes Show May 22, 2014 (Fox Radio)

William Gheen in the Washington Times 3/10/17 Mr. Gheen, though, warned Mr. Trump to speedily make good on his promise to revoke DACA. “It has now become Donald Trump’s DACA amnesty,” he said. “Every minute that exists, I don’t live in a constitutionally governed America.”

William Gheen discussed Donald Trump’s immigration issue campaign promises and what Trump is and is not doing about illegal immigration on Ispy Radio 3/5/17

William Gheen in Lifezette 3/2/17 ‘Compromise’ Rhetoric Alarms Immigration HawksEnforcement advocates say if Trump pursues amnesty, ‘his presidency is essentially over’

Conservatives worry Trump ceding valuable leverage with pull back on Obama immigration order, William Gheen in LifeZette article, 2/27/17

Immigration Hawks Sweat Trump Labor Pick, William Gheen in LifeZette article, 2/17/17

Uh Oh, Nominee for Labor Secretary Alex Acosta Rings Amnesty Alarm Bells, William Gheen in Independent Sentinel article, 2/17/17

Soros Caught Doing THIS to Destabilize U.S. Government. This is Treason, William Gheen in World Net Daily article, 2/13/17

William Gheen on VCY America Crosstalk radio show, Feb 7, 2017

Trump faces a complex choice on DACA, William Gheen in Orange County Register article, 1/25/17

Graham Tries to Reassemble the Old Gang, William Gheen in Lifezette article, 1/19/17

Scenes of unrest are likely to help Trump grow the Republican majority William Gheen, The Hill Newspaper, 2/10/17

Feds should worry less about Russia, more about illegal voters, William Gheen, The Hill Newspaper, 12/30/16

Trump’s immigration ‘flip’ more nuanced than media claims, William Gheen, The Hill Newspaper, 12/10/16

Conservative Group Asks Republicans to Vote Against pro-Amnesty Paul Ryan, John McCain, William Gheen in Breitbart article, 11/12/2016

The I Spy Radio Show, Interviewing William Gheen of ALIPAC, 10/29/16

Donald Trump draws fire for softer line on immigration, William Gheen in Boston Globe article, 8/26/16

Donald Trump backslide on immigration angers base, does no good with Hispanics, William Gheen in Washington Times article, 8/24/16

Rep. Endorses Rep. Ellmers Despite Her Immigration Views, William Gheen in Newsmax article, 6/7/16

On Facebook, critics see long pattern of discrimination, William Gheen in Washington Examiner, 5/23/16

Immigration watchdog: Too many ‘establishment ghosts’ haunt Cruz, William Gheen in World Net Daily article 2/29/16

Illegal Immigrants in US Army is ‘Trojan Horse’ in Town – Advocacy Group, William Gheen in Sputnik News article, 9/4/2015

Influx of children reignites immigration reform debate, William Gheen in LA Times article

NC Lawmakers Consider Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants, William Gheen on WUNC Radio, 4/15/15

Critics lining up against Charlotte’s proposed city ID, William Gheen in Charlotte Observer article, 7/6/14

The Evangelical Crusade Against Immigration, William Gheen in Mashable article, 07/09/2014

More Refugees to Arrive as Anti-Immigrant Fervor in Murrieta Runs High, Willam Gheen in San Diego Times article, 7/3/14

Illegal Immigrants: Words appearing in newspapers controversially, William Gheen in The Economist magazine, 4/4/13

William Gheen: Voices from the Border & Meltdown in Mexico! Blogtalk Radio interview, 2011

Blackmail: How The Controlling Elite Owns Politicians, William Gheen in InforWars article, 4/26/10

New Haven opts to validate its illegal residents, William Gheen in Christian Science Monitor article, 7/17/07

North Carolina Passes Four Historic Immigration Laws, William Gheen in article, 7/28/6

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