William Gheen does not have a page on Wikipedia because of the unfair treatment and lies any opponent of illegal immigration will face on that site!

Wikipedia is biased in favor of those that support open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens and many of the moderators there will print false and derogatory claims about anyone that stands up for the interest of American citizens on such issues.  For an accurate account of what William Gheen has to say from his quotes the media (view) or in VIDEOS documenting William’s speeches and televised appearances (view), use this site to formulate your own opinions without the influence of Wiki trolls!

William Gheen Wiki
Wikipedia is ruled by pro open borders activists and moderators that exercise bias against contrary views!



Since Wikipedia has proven that it will not prevent leftist trolls from smearing every political opponent of their agenda at Wiki, the William Gheen and ALIPAC pages were removed.  Illegal immigration supporters dominate the agenda on that powerful website and that is why you will not find accurate information about illegal immigration or William Gheen on Wikipedia.



We hope that this site will provide you with an alternative to Wikipedia for information regarding William Gheen’s opinions, statements, actions, and biographical information.  We also hope that in the future Wikipedia will stop quoting biased left wing smear groups funded by George Soros as factual sources.

William Gheen and ALIPAC are committed to leading a racially inclusive, peaceful, political effort to protect and save the United States of America and have demonstrated that fact on many occasions by working with supporters, leaders, and allied organizations that represent every race, party, and walk of life in America.

Please contact William Gheen if there are any questions you have that are not answered here at WilliamGheen.com


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